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“Where engineering meets art”

Using technology to create intuitive and simple to use smart homes

Thames Valley Automation are a team of highly experienced engineering professionals, dedicated to implementing intelligent smart home and control systems to make buildings better.

Our company vision is around simplicity of use, and reliability. We believe a system should be beautiful, tailored to your needs, and stand the test of time.

We provide comprehensive smart home and building control systems, as well as design, consultancy and commissioning to residential and commercial clients.

modern smart home kitchen

Smart Home & Home Automation

A modern home by its nature will have a multitude of technologies to control, as well as a desire for greater aesthetics and functionality.

Our smart home systems will connect all of the technologies of your home together giving you simple control through intelligent and simple switches, apps, and control panels.

With the addtion of automation we can also take away the hassle of many of the low level points of control you might normally need to undertake.


Lighting has a powerful impact on a space and our wellbeing. Let our team talk you through how we can enhance your living spaces by providing a comprehensive lighting control system. This allows you to take all of the lighting circuits you will have within a room and control them all together via the use of scenes or moods from a switch or app.

Other functions such as turning all of the lights in the house off when you leave. Making all of the lights flash when the intruder alarm is active, and more is all possible as well.

listening to music from Spotify

Audio Visual

Be surrounded by your favourite music wherever you are in the house.

Using high quality in-ceiling speakers and a flexible zoned music system you can listen to your favourite sources. From Spotify, to radio, even your own vinyl collection, anywhere you like.

Plus the system is completely modular, so you can have as many or as few zones as you like. If you have a particular space where you feel would benefit from high end floorstanding Hi-Fi speakers, then this is fully achievable as well.

Smart Heating

With intelligent zoned heating you can set different target temperatures in each room of the house, at different times of the day.

This ensures that you always feel comfortable in your house. Combine this with a system that can learn and adapt to how your rooms change and this then creates an unrivaled mix of efficiency and comfort.

comfortable and warm due to heating being on

We also offer many additional services

Smart Business & Building Automation

By taking central control of the systems of a building we can simplify management and maintenance of the building as a whole. From air conditioning, intruder alarm systems, to access control, CCTV, networking, solar PV, and even car charging.

Imagine an office space with lighting designed around maximising employee welfare as well as efficiency levels, daylight responsive lighting where a constant lux level will be maintained at desk height to provide energy savings. Even down to a heating/cooling system that learns and maintains the office temperature so no one ever has to tweak the thermostat (because there isn’t one).

Lighting Design

As well as lighting control systems, we can also offer full lighting design for single rooms, or your entire house.

This will consist of marked up floor plans showing the locations of all the fittings, the fitting types and the circuit layouts.

In addition to this we can also provide 3D renders of your rooms which will showcase how your final lighting will look, and give you a heatmap of how much light different areas of the room will have.

Alarm Systems

Settle your mind when you are away from your property with our range of smart security systems on offer.

We can provide intelligent, app controlled intruder alarms, access control systems, CCTV, and more.

What’s more is these systems can also be integrated with your Smart Home system to provide a complete and comprehensive integrated home.

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