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Loxone Pendulum Slim cluster as feature lighting over stairwell

With our skill and experience we lead the way when it comes to automation and smart technology.

Thames Valley Automation are a team of industry experts in smart home and building automation systems. Over the years we have designed, managed and installed some of the most prestigious building control projects.

Alongside this our team have a wealth of industry knowledge from working for various installation firms and manufacturers. We have been installers, managers, trainers and heads of sales of some of Europe’s top firms.

Our background not only covers smart technology and automation systems, but security, ventilation, electrical, multimedia, and everything in between.

Simply put we believe we set the bar for experience, enthusiasm, and pride in this industry. 

Bespoke doesn't have to mean custom

Big value without the price tag

A strong philosophy of ours is that bespoke doesn’t have to mean custom. We have years of experience over thousands of projects, developing standards and recommendations which we know work and will continue to work for years to come. We believe that by comparison, custom solutions will only ever exist once, meaning they can be prone to faults and failures and be difficult to maintain and expensive to repair or replace. A Ferrari is bespoke, but we would never buy a custom made car by a brand we had never heard of, so we make sure we offer bespoke home and business systems too.

Our goal is to always understand our clients needs and aspirations. Then with our experience and engineering know-how, to provide functional and beautiful solutions to realise them.

The Design


We believe that perfection cannot be rushed. To that end we will not push you for decisions you aren’t ready to make yet, or force you into a service you don’t understand.

Instead we will take a collaborative journey with you and ask you key questions to understand what parts of your project have special importance.

Once we have understood why you would like something to happen we will design a solution based around this.

The Install


Once all designs are done and systems are finalised, we will provide you and all relevant trades with all the documentation needed to continue the build.

We will attend at key points to make sure that all is progressing as it should and lend any support needed, such as project management or on site assistance, to ensure that the finished product looks spectacular.

The Handover


Months before the project hands over we will ensure that we have dotted all the ‘i’s and crossed all the ‘t’s so that you have as little to worry about as possible.

We will leave you with all the paperwork on your property, as well as manuals, quick start guides and more.

Then after you have had a few months to live with your system we will arrange a follow up meeting to perform any tweaks needed.

Would you like to find out what we can do for you?

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