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Music and TV is a huge part of our everyday lives and has a significant impact on our wellbeing too – it helps us relax, recharge our batteries, and sometimes even makes us feel like a rock star.

Discreet design with in-ceiling speakers offers studio quality audio in every room with our exclusive installations to suit your property’s space. Our advanced multimedia systems allow you to listen to all your favourite sources anywhere you like, from Spotify, radio from around the world, and even your own music library.

Multiroom audio can be a fantastic feature in any Thames Valley Automation smart home. Play your favourite music in any room, wake up to your very own ‘good morning’ playlist, or be alerted to a potential break-in with an alarm sound that can play throughout the home should an intruder be detected – the possibilities are endless. Our multiroom systems allow you to adjust the source individually for each room. This means that while you’re cooking in the Kitchen listening to Queen’s greatest hits, the kids can be in the Living Room listening to their favourite Spotify playlists while they wait for their dinner. 

What’s more, if you have that one space you want to transform into your personal bat cave, or have theatre quality cinema from the comfort of your own home then contact us to make your dream a reality.

Music in every room with Multiroom audio you can consistently rely on

zoned music can follow you outside for those warm summer garden parties

Tired of the poor quality sound emanating from your Google Home or Alexa portable speaker? Frustrated with DIY systems that don’t work together seamlessly and require an abundance of remotes and different apps to play your music?

With a Thames Valley Automation smart home we tie all of your multimedia components together in one neat and user friendly package, with studio quality audio and control from a single, unified app.

What makes multimedia entertainment in a smart home so special?

relax and unwind with some popcorn in front of a good movie

The right music? Entertaining? Or simply creating the perfect mood? Put simply, Thames Valley Automations intelligent multimedia solution makes entertainment a key part of your smart home. From the TV to the amplifier, you have full control at your fingertips: whether it be via our App, Touch Switches or our wireless Remote. Say goodbye to a coffee table cluttered with remote controls and a TV unit littered with AV devices!

For example, if you use your cinema remote to activate your ‘movie’ mode, the lights dim automatically, the projector and surround sound system come to life, and the doorbell is muted for an uninterrupted viewing experience. All done with just a touch of a button.

Centrally Controlled

Audio Visual

Our AV control system and all-in-one remote allows complete control of your media room or AV solution. All of your AV devices will be controlled from one simple, elegant control point, programmed with all of your favourite actions.

Simply choose your desired scene such as ‘Sky TV’ and watch all of you AV devices jump into action, your projector will turn on, the screen come down, receivers turn on and go to the correct source, and then full control over the Sky box.

Intelligently Automated


By bringing all of the features of the home together including your AV systems we can automate them so simplify your life.

For instance when you leave the house in the morning, or go to bed at night, never worry again that the TV has been left on or the music in the kitchen is still playing. A simple tap of a button and the house can go to sleep.

When you leave a room a simple double tap on the light switch can reset the room, turning off lighting, resetting heating overrides and deactivating any AV devices left on.

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