Smart Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

Complete comfort with Thames Valley Automation

Correct heating, cooling and ventilation is the difference between being comfortable and content or being a little bit grumpy and unhappy. Using our smart products we can fully interface with your heating and cooling systems to provide room by room temperature control. We can also interface with your whole house MVHR system, air source heat pump and ground source heat pump for the most comfortable home environment you could wish for.

As an add-on service we are fully qualified and approved to design and supply ventilation systems that comply with Part L and Part F of English Building Regulations, along with fully compliant Scottish and Welsh regulations.

Centrally Controlled

central heating system controlled from phone

Climate control has traditionally been a collection of disjointed systems each with their own thermostat or controller supposedly maintaining your entire house. This is a thing of the past with control within a single app.

With a Thames Valley Automation system, each room takes it’s own temperature readings offering a decentralised heating solution.

What this means is you can control every room centrally within the app, but the heating only comes on in the rooms that actually need it. The end result is an energy saving system and a comfortable space wherever you are.

Intelligently Automated

zoned heating system controlled from phone

Your house will not only know what time of year it is, but also the outside temperature, inside temperature, humidity levels and CO2 levels. All of these feed into your smart home so it can decide whether to heat or cool the house for you or increase ventilation rates. 

In winter your heating turns off because it’s late at night. Walk into a room and have your heating come back on for you for as long as you stay in the room.

In summer any air conditioning or ventilation that we have interfaced for you can turn on or increase ventilation rates.

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A day in the life of Smart Climate

Wake Up


Our smart zoned heating control means your room is the desired temperature by the time you rise from your sleep. No more temptation or excuses to stay tucked up in a warm bed.

The Morning Rush


Shuffle through your warm house to the kitchen for some breakfast. Underfloor heating? No problem as your system has learned how quickly your room takes to heat up so your kitchen is ready for you. Your bathroom is also set to be warmer than the rest of the house so there’s definitely no chills as you step out of the shower.

Start the Rat Race


Shuffle the kids out the door, grab the keys and you’re off for the day, but the heating is still on? Simply triple tap your hallway switch as you walk out the door to have the central heating turn off to save you money and be more environmentally friendly.



Come home from a long day, open the front door, and have a warm and welcoming house guide you through the threshold, as the system is set to know when you are due home. Kick off your shoes and relax on the sofa with a nice cup of tea (or glass of wine).


bed-icon states that a cool 16-18°C is thought to be an ideal temperature in a bedroom for sleep. Your bedroom can slowly cool to this temperature as it approaches bedtime so when you get into bed, your room is ready to help you drift off for a good night’s sleep.

Commercial Spaces

Heating, Cooling & Ventilation

Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to automate your heating to only come on at certain times of the year, on a schedule to when the office is open, and only to specified temperatures, Thames Valley Automation can also interface with your ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning can be controlled by an app or online to remove office squabbles over who has the controller and where it is actually located in relation the fan coil units.

Ventilation can be automated to be demand controlled based on CO2 levels and occupancy for the healthiest environment and for the best focus.

All of these features being interfaced with a Thames Valley Automation system have the added benefit or reducing energy bills and your carbon footprint by only using exactly what you need. 

hvac system in meeting room ensures perfect climate control for important meetings
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