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Commercial Spaces - Smart Businesses

Save your business money and improve your company culture. Make a truly immersive work environment for yourself and your employees, and through this increase staff, and energy efficiency.

With a building automation system we can enhance any work space to be a more engaging environment to work in, while being simple to maintain, and cheap to run.

cashless vending for offices using employee key fobs

Ditch the keys and switch to tag entry.

With simple user management directly in software, if someone loses a tag simply remove the tag from the system.

No need to get new keys cut, or worry that an intruder can let themselves through the front door.

Intercoms are also a popular choice for an easy and convenient way to see who is at your door and to let your customers into your business.

Whether you’re installing Access Control for the first time or upgrading that ancient system that’s still on the old desktop in the file room, Thames Valley Automation can install the latest technology that can operate stand alone or integrate with your wider building automation solution.

Security shouldn’t just mean an intruder alarm.

Protect your property and occupants with intelligent intruder, fire, CCTV and water monitoring.

Never forget to arm or disarm your alarm again. Access your systems remotely, all from a single app, and see what your business is doing wherever you are in the world.

cctv camera with pan tilt zoom
ventilation and heating control of the office from a central point

Remove that aircon controller that everyone argues over.

Get rid of the thermostat that isn’t even in an area where people work.

All heating and cooling can be integrated into a Thames Valley Automation system and managed centrally.

Your building will know when to cool itself, when to heat itself, or when no heating or cooling is required at all.

If you want finer control then this is all done from an app, either mobile, tablet, or PC.

We can also install additional sensors in large work areas to take multiple environmental measurements to better manage the heating and cooling demands in shared spaces.

By using circadian lighting or human centric lighting you can increase employee welfare and efficiency. The key aspects to smart lighting for an office are:

  • Reducing glare on displays by using lighting products with low UGR (Unified Glare Rating) to reduce the risk of eye strain and headaches.
  • Utilising lighting with high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) to accurately display the colour of objects beneath it. This increases the appeal of the space, making it feel warmer and more inviting, and less like a dentist’s office. High CRI lighting also makes food more appetising by looking as it should (a hungry workforce is a dangerous thing).
  • Constantly managing lighting levels in the space using daylight responsive lighting – that is dimming artificial light sources in the room when there is excess natural light, and increasing artificial light when there is less natural light. Overly bright spaces can be as negative to a positive work environment as a dark space, we can also save up to 30% on your lighting bills.

In addition to the numerous welfare benefits smart lighting can all round improve the aesthetics of a space, increasing the appeal of your business to potential clients, partnerships and employees.

led panel control system for open plan offices
electric car charging points for office buildings
  • Stay in control.
  • See what’s in use and where.
  • Automate your entire building to maximise energy efficiency and reduce waste.

For example presence sensors with inbuilt brightness monitoring will only turn on lights if someone is in a room and the ambient lighting is too low.

Heating and cooling is based on occupancy and time of day.

Arm the intruder alarm on your way out, this will also turn all lights off, climate control adjusts, and the system can even turn off electrical circuits that are not in use.

All of these features will happen with simple interactions that will never be forgotten. Enhancing your business and reducing your carbon footprint.

Meeting Room Systems

We can build functional and impressive lighting, shading, and multimedia systems in your meeting rooms, fully integrated into your room booking system.

When the room is booked out, automatically have the blinds lower, the lights dim, and displays activate with no complicated user manuals or banks of switches on the wall.

Impress business partners with your space, or have engaging and distraction free meeting spaces for your staff.

av and lighting control for meeting rooms
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