Design & Consultancy

Design & Consultancy

For Self Builders and Renovators

Speak to us about your project or dream home, and we will help you realise your dream with our design and consultancy services. We can help project manage and liaise with all trades on site.

As well as our bespoke design and installation services we also offer standardised smart home packages that cover lighting, heating, security, and multi-room audio. So if you live outside our coverage, or you would like an outstanding, beautiful smart home at exceptional value, all while using your own contractors, then get in touch.

For Architects and Designers

As an architect, we know you always want to be at the forefront of your field, and so do we. We can work with you to offer Smart Home packages into your projects to improve their appeal, increase their environmental efficiency, and simplify their use.

If you would like to discuss working with us, or are interested in a RIBA Core Curriculum CPD, then please get in touch.

For builders and developers we can work with you to deliver standardised smart home systems to your customers. These will offer a market edge against the competition, increase the value of the properties, and offer key up-sale options when selling off plan.

Our Process

Stage 1: The e-Meeting


We will have a free, no obligation online meeting with you to get an understanding of your project, share the different design options with you, and discuss budgetary figures.

Stage 2: The Design


Based on the meeting we will do full marks up of your floor plans, a cable schedule for your onsite electrician, and a contractors pack for all onsite trades to follow. This will allow for a smooth and straightforward installation, with no requirement for specialist onsite services to be carried out.

Stage 3: The Tweak


We know that there will be some tweaks and changes, that’s why we offer up to three minor changes to the original design for free. If you are really struggling to visualise how one of the spaces will look when complete then we can also do a 3d render of each room for a fixed fee of £350 per room.

Stage 4: The Fit Out


This is where we step back. Using our designs, guides, and contractor packs your own onsite trades can do all relevant cabling and fitting of equipment onsite. Don’t worry, we’re always here to communicate with your contractors if needed, and will make regular contact with them to make sure things are progressing as planned with your smart home fit out.

We are always hear to help and offer additional onsite services and support if needed.

Stage 5: The Panel Build


This is the magic, the bit where our experience leads to perfect results. We will design, build and configure your smart home panel offsite, and then deliver to site with instructions for your onsite trades to make connections and power up. Congratulations you now have a working smart home!!

We also offer optional commissioning packages to make the final connections for you and your onsite trades and provide face to face handovers and training sessions to you.

Stage 6: The Aftercare


We offer 3 months free aftercare on all systems, allowing you to make as many small changes to the configuration of the system as you would like to really optimise it for you and your family. After this we offer competitive maintenance packages to keep your system running smoothly.

Don’t worry. We also offer industry leading aftercare service and maintenance packages to keep your system performing 100% for years to come, and to make those inevitable programming amendments as your needs naturally change over time.

Would you like to find out what we can do for you?

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