Energy Management

Monitor your generation and usage, intelligently automate your devices, and reduce your energy bills.

Using predictive energy monitoring you can keep high usage sources such as immersion heaters off until you have the energy for them. Automatically turn high usage appliances off when you don’t need them, charge the car intelligently based on use and generation, and more…

By connecting all of the features of a building together we can maximise energy efficiency

By integrating lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling, shading and more together within a smart building we can ensure all of these systems work holistically together to maximise efficiency. Then taking it one step further and monitoring and controlling electricity generation from renewables we can take your property to the next level.

Save energy

Your automation system will intelligently work out how to run your heating and/or cooling system as efficiently as possible, prioritising the source being on for as long as possible while reducing the demand level on it. This will ensure perfect room climate while also reducing energy costs. 

If the room temperature starts exceeding or undershooting the desired set point then shading and ventilation systems can be brought in as well to work together to maintain the correct climate in the room with as little energy wastage as possible. 

automated shading system with solar tracking to maintain room temperature

The shading system constantly monitors both the amount of sunshine and also the current room temperature. If the room is too hot and the sun is out and currently at a particular window, then blinds or curtains can be closed automatically to passively cool the room down.

If it is mid day and the room is a touch chilly, then even if you are out of the house the blinds can open up to bring in all of that free solar energy to use as a free heating source, completely automatically. 

mvhr control that will automatically control the heat exchanger to cool down or heat up a room based on outdoor temperature

As well as ensuring optimal air quality, whole house ventilation systems such as MVHR can also be used as an additional heating or cooling source.

For instance if the house is overheating, the sun isn’t out, the heating isn’t on, but outside is cooler than inside. In this instance the system will automatically turn off any heat exchangers to bring nice cool fresh air in from outside.

Generate electricity

see energy usage and production simply using the loxone smart home app

By integrating your solar panel system and potentially battery storage device you can have a high level view of the electricity production and consumption within your property. As well as what charge level your battery storage is.

These values will also be recorded so that you can view and track your energy usage over time.

Energy usage and production will be tracked over time and can always be viewed in a handy to use graph. This will allow you to see when solar levels were high, or electricity use in your house peaked. 

monitor electricity usage of individual devices to keep track of energy costs

As well as overall usage and production monitoring, key appliances within the house, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and cookers can be monitored individually to help keep track of where your money is going.

Intelligently use energy

have appliances automatically turn off when you are away from home for a long period of time

Through the app set periods of time where you know you will be away, such as holidays and trips. The house can then be set to automatically turn off devices and appliances that draw a lot of electricity, such as immersion heaters, car chargers, TV’s and more.

schedule high usage appliances to only come on when the sun is out

Schedule and automate appliances so they can either only come on a certain points in the day such as when the sun is out, or at certain times of the day such as when Economy7 is running at night.

Intelligent automation can also mean that devices can be turned on for long enough in the morning to start a cycle, such as a washing machine or dishwasher, and then turned off until there is enough sun.

Through the app you can monitor your car charging, as well as manually start and stop it to prevent the in-laws stealing your electricity.

Otherwise have the system automatically manage charge levels based on how much electricity you are currently generating from your solar panels.

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