Smart Lighting Design Services

At Thames Valley Automation we can provide high level 2D and 3D lighting design services for a single room or whole building. Please see below our general recommendations for lighting a space, and also how by using light you can make rooms feel more inviting and warm.

Ultimately any lighting design should always seek to find the perfect balance between being aesthetically pleasing while also providing functional light within the space. Where possible key lighting in the room should be dimmable, or even better colour changing. This allows through the touch of a button completely changing the feel of the room.

Our main areas of work are Oxford, Reading, Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. Within these areas we can also offer project management and installation services. However if you are outside this range please get in touch anyway and we will happily help you with designs you can use with your own installation firm.

Types of Lighting Source

General Lighting

This will be the main point of lighting in the space, it is designed to provide an even blanket of lighting in the room to carry out any daily tasks necessary without focusing on any specific areas of the room.

Typically this would be the central ceiling rose seen in older houses, or the grid style downlights in newer builds. However with a bit of finesse and care it can be used to provide a much more inviting lighting scene within the room.

Take LED downlights or spots for example. Instead of installing strictly in a grid layout, lay them above more focal areas of the room and pick downlights with narrower beam angles or recessed chips and position them nearer to walls. This will light up the areas of the room needed while also providing atmosphere from indirect light bouncing off surfaces such as walls.

LED strip or tape, while typically used for feature or accent lighting can also be used for general lighting. Capable of incredibly high lumen outputs it can be installed within dropped or coffered ceilings, and if the tapes are angled correctly within the drop can then provide bright general lighting, with the key advantage of being indirect so not causing eye strain or glare.

For smaller or less important rooms singular fittings can provide a sleek, minimlalist look while providing all the light needed in that room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting will usually be focused over certain areas in a room where work is done. For example this could be over kitchen islands, kitchen counters, dining room tables or office desks.

Task lighting should be concentrated over the area and not subject to pollution from other sources. For example while downlights or spots can be excellent for general lighting they have the downside of casting shadows when people move underneath them. This can make them unsuitable for lighting up kitchen work surfaces as you will always cast a shadow over your work area while chopping your veg.

A solution to this would be a light source such as LED tape, this can be mounted at mid level units to provide dedicated and concentrated light straight on your work surface.

In addition pendant lighting can provide a brilliant source of lighting over larger surfaces such as islands and tables, while at the same time providing a focal point to draw the eyes of visitors to to make the space feel fuller and more dynamic.

Feature Lighting

If general lighting illuminates spaces and task lighting provides light to work under, then feature or accent lighting is there to make a room more aesthetically pleasing.

This lighting will do two things, draw the eye to it or where it is situated, and change the atmosphere of the room. Perfect areas to consider for feature lighting would be feature walls, pictures and canvases, skylights, and bookshelves.

Feature lighting will commonly be achieved with LED tape installed in profile to highlight these areas, however if you choose Loxone LED spots for your project then these are also RGBW (red, green, blue, white) fittings and can make an excellent backup as feature lighting, especially in less focal rooms of the house.

Consider areas where you may want to do a dropped or coffered ceiling with LED strip, if you have any textured of brick walls have coving LED tape installed to wash down this, or have uplighters to shine up. Pictures or paintings can have picture rail lighting installed above them, and kitchen and dining rooms can have track lighting with either angled spots or dropped fittings.

Get in touch so we can design your dream home

Detailed Bespoke Lighting Design

If you require lighting design in Oxford, Reading, or anywhere in between please get in touch. We believe in a collaborative approach to ensure you get exactly what you want. Lighting designs are available on a room by room basis or for the whole property

Firstly we will have a consultation looking over your plans with you and then show examples of designs and products that will both suit the space and your personal preference.

From here we will work out your budget for each space, either for a conventional lighting system, or one using our smart home and lighting control systems. After this we will begin your designs, making sure we show you the progress at each stage to allow for tweaks before it is too late. Our designs can be tailored to be either 2D layouts, or full 3D rendered plans for you to be able to visualise the completed space.

Once the designs are completed and approved we will draw up cable schedules and power calculations of all circuits for your electricians to follow. You will also be provided with a schedule of fittings and suppliers for future maintenance purposes.

If you would like to include a lighting control system on your project then we can also provide a quotation for this and even carry out the installation for you to minimise the number of different trades required on site.

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