Step into the light with Lighting Control

Lighting, more than any aspect of our home, has the ability to change how we feel. From alert and awake, to happy and content, to that wow factor.

Using our lighting design, and control systems you will have spectacular and vibrant lighting throughout your property that gives you the ability to always find the right mood.

Centrally Controlled

Lighting Overview

We believe all lighting in all rooms should have a single point of control, whether this be a switch on the wall, or an app in your hand. As we make houses with more and more, and greater varieties of light, banks of switches and dimmers along a wall that look like a set from Star Trek no longer cut it to choose what we want.

Our systems are built on the principle of moods. Simply create the moods that suit how you use a space, and with the tap of a switch or app get there instantly.

Intelligently Automated

scenic mood lighting in the kitchen during the evening

Walk into a room and have your lighting come on for you, to exactly the right level, at the correct time of the day. If it is already bright enough in a room the lights won’t turn on, or if we get up in the middle of the night for an excursion to the bathroom or for a midnight snack, guide our way there with gentle warm lighting.

Full Flexibility

mood generator

Utilising different types of lighting in a space, as well as smart lighting and colour changing lighting, you can change the feel of the room on a whim. Offering you endless flexibility in how you use your spaces.

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

highly dimmed lighting in the kitchen automatically at night time to not wake people up

Much like a single instrument in a choir, or a single stroke of a brush on a canvas, a single type of light in a space offers function without style. Combine different forms and flavours of light into your space to elevate them beyond their status.

Find out what we can do for you

A day in the life of Smart Lighting

Wake Up


Our smart alarm slowly fades the lighting up in your bedroom to gently wake you from your slumber.

The Morning Rush


Eyes slam shut from bright lights? Can’t see through the darkness? Neither of these happen with automated, intelligent lighting. Walk into the kitchen in the morning to have soft warm lighting automatically come on to grab a cup of tea.

Start the Rat Race


Shuffle the kids out the door, grab the keys and you’re off for the day; but did I leave the Bathroom Lights on? Simply triple tap your hallway switch as you walk out the door to have the whole house turn off (and arm your alarm).



Come home from a long day, open the front door, and have welcoming lights guide you through the threshold. Sit down on the couch, turn on the TV and have the lighting dim and change to a deep blue to enjoy a movie.



Get into bed and triple tap your bedside switch to turn the house off, along with your worries. Need to get up in the middle of the night? Simply walk out of the bedroom and automatically have soft orange lighting to guide your way without waking you up.

Smart Lighting in Action

With our Lighting solutions your imagination really is the limit.

See our example video which combines full RGBW spot lights with RGBW LED strip lights under the kitchen units. 

In this example the spots and strip lights are controlled independently of each other. Want them to be linked together for control? No problem.

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