Rescue & Recovery

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At Thames Valley Automation we are consummate professionals. We believe in transparency, engineering excellence, and reliability. We deliver to these concepts on all of the systems we provide. That’s why we created our Rescue and Recovery service.

Most companies share our goals, and our dream that automation should form a critical and stable core of every building. However we also know that poor work exists in every industry.

Therefore if you are having issues with a system get in touch and we will get you back up and running.

Our specialism is in Loxone and custom automation solutions, however if you do have another brand of system, get in touch anyway and we can recommend a trusted installer local to you.

If you are within our area, and you have a system we can help with then our fees and services are open and transparent.

Rescue and Recovery

Step 1: Site Survey & Health Check

Rescue and Recovery

This step is crucial. We provide up to two days onsite to do a full system check, where we create a complete map of the installation and configuration, and generate paperwork to accompany this. After this we will deliver a full report on our findings, including a quotation for any works required.

This step ensures that at every step you know what costs the next step involves, and don’t find out when it’s too late and has already been carried out. It also allows you to engage with any company to carry out these works or undertake long term maintenance on your system (although we are confident you will have no reason to want to work with anyone but us.)

  • Fee – £750+VAT

Step 2: Takeover & Rectification

Rescue and Recovery

Based on the Site Survey and Health Check, and your acceptance of any works, we will seek to complete all works required as quickly, efficiently, but most importantly professionally as possible.

Step 3: Handover & Demonstration

Rescue and Recovery

Once all works are complete we will handover all paperwork for your now working system, so that you remain in control. We will also provide a handover of works commenced, and a full walkthrough and demo of the system.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

Rescue and Recovery

After handover, as we do on all our installs, we will offer 3 months free support, allowing you to fine tune the configuration to your requirements. From here we offer competitive maintenance packages for ongoing support and service for your system to ensure it continues to operate, as expected, for years to come.

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