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Smart home

“Noun: A home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smartphone or computer.”

– Oxford English Dictionary

We don’t think this sentence does it any justice. Did you know that in the 1828 edition of ‘An American Dictionary of the English Language’ the definition of a dog was ‘a domestic animal’? We think the definition above is equally disparaging to a smart home.

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What is a Smart Home?

Smart homes come in all shapes and sizes, many of us are familiar with the off the shelf products available from online resellers. These are great, but they are built for the DIYer. Not the renovator or self builder, or for someone who wants a simple, happy life.

We believe a true smart home shouldn’t need to be controlled. We offer automated homes that only require a users input to provide the finer controls: Music can play automatically but what song do you feel like listening to right now? Lighting comes on when you enter the room, but maybe it’s poker night or a dinner evening and you want to adjust the mood?

A smart home should be subtle, effective, reliable and stunning.

Smart homes in our eyes take all of the aspects of a building and bring them together cohesively, to simplify the way we live in our homes without any sacrifices to the luxuries of modern living.

They should slide seamlessly into the fabric of the building, rarely need touching, and make our home and our lives better.

System options

Lighting that knows when it’s needed and comes on automatically when you enter a room. Dependant on the ambient brightness and time of day. Scenes in key rooms help deliver that wow effect and transform the way a space feels.

Listen to your favourite tracks wherever you are. Rock out to the Rolling Stones in the Kitchen, chill to Cat Stevens in the Living Room, and rise to Radio 2 in the morning. In addition to listening to what you want where you want, your music system will also act as a smart alarm clock, automated doorbell, and integrated alarm sounder.

Security shouldn’t just mean a burglar alarm. Protect your property and the occupants with intelligent intruder, fire, and water monitoring. Never forget to arm or disarm your alarm again. False alarms are a thing of the past, and see what your house is doing wherever you are in the world.

Different rooms are used for different things. So let’s get rid of that ugly thermostat in the hall! Let’s have a warm and cosy living room to snuggle up to our favourite film, and a nice cool bedroom to sleep in. By reading the temperature in each space of the house separately, and controlling to a much more granular level, you can have a more comfortable and a more efficient home.

Forget app controlled blinds! How about sun controlled blinds. When you are out of a room your blinds will track the sun around the sky, and then based on whether the room is too hot or cold the blinds move accordingly to either let your room soak up those rays, or keep them out to keep our house nice and cool. Then anytime you want finer control simply press a switch or tap the app.

Providing an end to end access solution. Unlocking your door also unsets your alarm, turns on welcoming lights, and plays your favourite playlist. Never worry about lost keys and calling out the locksmith ever again. Give your in-laws a code to open the door if they arrive for a visit before you get home or water the plants while you’re away. All this is possible and much more.

Stay in control. See what is in use where. Prioritise your solar energy where it is needed, map and plan your energy usage, and more. We make buildings enter the 21st Century with high efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

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