Security Expertise

Here at Thames Valley Automation we use technology to protect your people and property. We provide a bespoke design, installation and maintenance service to meet your specific needs and to offer superior service levels to all of our customers.

Centrally Controlled

see what windows and doors are open in your house through your smart home app

Security Systems have traditionally been a collection of disjointed systems each with their own controllers, software and apps supposedly working together to oversee your property. By seamlessly integrating sophisticated technology into one simple system, we make your property smarter and safer, and your life easier and more convenient.

Automating and integrating services in your building can transform the way you live and work, lower your long-term costs, and quite simply mean you never have to carry a bunch of keys, fobs or tags around with you (or get locked out ever again!).

Intelligently Automated

create automation to automatically arm alarms when you are away

From simple things like knowing what time of year it is for automatic clock changes, to more advanced features like knowing whether anyone is in the premises or not. Alarms can arm at set times if you forget to turn them on when you leave. Come home or unlock the premises and a single code or proximity tag will tell the building to disarm the alarm and start any routines you wish such as turning on the heating. Your imagination is the limit with what we can do for you.


home burglar

Protecting our families is the most important thing in the world to us. Our experienced team are proactive in keeping you and your family safe with CCTV, intruder alarm and video entry systems. We are the professionals who can advise and find the right solution for your home and your lifestyle, and best of all everything is integrated into your Smart Home system in our unified app.


cctv camera installation for business

Our experienced and award-winning team are skilled in designing and installing security systems for commercial offices, retailers and licensed premises. We also provide project management services should you wish to use your existing contractors. We cover anything from access control to CCTV systems to intruder alarms, and everything in-between. Off-site monitoring and control is available through our unified app.


security systems for schools and education facilities

We can advise and install the best security solutions for any educational institutions. From nurseries to universities, we ensure the safety of your staff, visitors, and property. From video intercoms to verify someone’s identity before granting them access to site, to CCTV to monitor staff and student well-being, to intruder alarms to protect the property out-of-hours. Our unified app also ties all the systems together and allows for off-site monitoring and control.

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Intruder Alarms


Did you know that 84% of burglars avoid properties with alarms and that many insurance companies insist on it or offer a discount if you have one?

As well as intruder alarms we can also include panic buttons for elderly or vulnerable people living alone, or for businesses where there may be lone-workers or for added reassurance.

Additionally, all of our systems can be remotely monitored and controlled for around-the-clock protection of your property, and optionally you can also receive an automated phone call should the intruder alarm be triggered.



CCTV technology is constantly evolving. Now, with IP CCTV systems, HD and 4K images (and beyond) can be at your fingertips for maximum definition and protection in both daytime and night time conditions.

You can manage your security from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone, iPad or computer. 

We offer our systems with 14 days recording as standard* but those on a more conservative budget can opt for a ‘view only’ option.

Access Control and Video Entry


We know controlling access to your property and keeping your perimeters secure are vitally important. We can provide you with a wide range of solutions access management, including:

  • Voice and Video entry systems (intercoms)
  • Proximity readers
  • Coded entry
  • Electronic door locks

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing access systems or install a new system, Thames Valley Automation are here to help.

cctv camera with pan tilt zoom
intruder alarm siren on front of house
answer your intercom from anywhere in the world with your smart phone

Stages of a Smart Alarm

When leaving the house or property a simple action such as a triple tap on a switch or the press of a button can arm the system for you.

Should the alarm activate for any reason then a silent alarm signal will be sent to all property owners through the app to alert them.

In addition to this smart switches in the property can begin to click as an audible reminder should it be an authorised user who forgot to disarm.

If the alarm is genuine then after a predefined period of time the alarm will enter the audible stage. In addition to external bell boxes and sounders seen in other systems this could also include your multi-room audio system to really deter whoever it may be!

The last stage of the alarm, just in case a whole lot of noise wasn’t enough is a visual alarm, this can make any smart lighting you have flash throughout the house and any smart shading raise to bring complete attention to the property from the street so an intruder has nowhere to hide.

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