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Lighting that always knows what to do. Your preferred lighting mood for the current time of day will turn on when you enter a room.

Fill your spaces with immersive lighting, whether it be simple switching, dimming, or impressive colour changing.

Control at your fingertips. Choose what music to listen to in which rooms, then simply from a switch or app change source, group rooms and more.

Beyond this integrate your media rooms, snugs and cinemas into your home automation system for unrivalled comfort and convenience.

Multiple methods of security for your property and occupants. Have integrated intruder, water, and fire alarm. That when activated can alert people through flashing lights, lifting shading, and using your music system as a smart alarm.

In addition through CCTV and intercom systems know who is at your property and respond accordingly.

Different rooms have different functions. With zoned heating/cooling control you can set different temperatures in different rooms, at different times of the day.

What’s more, with an intelligent learning system your rooms will learn when to turn your heating or cooling on or off before your schedules start, so that you are always at peak comfort

Modern buildings need modern control. Instead of turning your home into a sauna when you are out all afternoon have your shading respond to the position of the sun and the temperature of your rooms, to either shade, or open as required.

Close all your blinds in the house at dusk automatically, yet have all the control you need from a switch or app.

Bespoke access and electronic locking solutions. Forget keys, create codes and tags for occupants and visitors alike. Create short term codes for guests. Have your intruder alarm automatically disarm on opening the door, and much more.

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